Thursday, January 15, 2009

Forgiveness helps Love along

Frankie agrees to deal with Randi's past (hooker) because he loves her. 
Erica agrees to invite Reece and apologize for past judgement.  Relief for Bianca.
Other fronts are stewing - Crystal ordered to stay away from her daughter.
   Josh comes back to see his sister, Kendall, and vows revenge.
   Aiden keeps trying to help Annie.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Following the Feelings

Randi's past catches up with her.  Frankie's cohorts at the hospital see her on the internet.  Frankie can't take it - Randi leaves, too hurt to stay.

Tad blocks Crystal form seeing Kate because she is seeing David - he serves her with a restraining order.  Crystal lets her grief put her into David's arms.

Aiden swallows his gried and signs the divorce papers from Greenlee.  Silent emotions all around.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Building Trust

Once trust is diminished - it's very hard, if not impossible to rebuild.  Bianca sets Reece up to disprove her intimacy with Zach - Reece doesn't know how to dismiss this false accusation in the face of friendship with Zach, and maintaining her love for Bianca.

Tad, now home, confronts Crystal about her connection to Diabolical David.  She reaches for honesty in her words to describe her actions.  Tad knows what he knows - he also lost Dixie to David.

Colby reaches to find how she can help JR and his crinking - how to build trust in him.

The enigma we all need to build emotional buddies.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Setting Traps

Several players questioning their emotional bonds and setting traps to see if their doubts are founded.
Bianca continues to doubt Reece, and keeps finding Zach and she in each others arms.
Greenlee and Ryan are veterans at this - knowing how destructive judgement are without confronting the players honestly.  They tell Bianca to back off.
JR judges that David and Crystal a having an affair while Tad is away - Now Tad is back andhas his own questions.
Trust is always had to win - and precious to keep.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Closeness rather than sex

Today we see our couples reaching for closeness - honesty raather than sex.  The sex isn't casual, just not needed when emotionally the pair needs to be honored and respected as a person, not just a sexual being.  Ryan and Greenlee look at their wedding plans - Bianca and Reece really consider their bond - Taylor and B rock get together and dance - the closest yet.
   Conventional wisdom says that good sex can be great, but good conversation will make the long years happier.  I agree.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Psychic Input

Opal's reading wasn't complete for Greenlee - cards on the floor, tea leaves unread changed the whole view to point to terror for Greenlee instead of the wonderful blessing  she had been given in the partial reading.  Now Opal is trying to undo the really good input she had given to her.  Greenlee is now on cloud nine with her wedding plans.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing is ever simple

Romance - even when both want it still doesn['t go smoothly.  Greenlee is having a dream of being drowned on her wedding day, so she refuses Ryan's proposal.  He's determined to protect.

Bianca meets Reece's former fiance - raising doubts about her loyalty to her later on.  Gays have jealously issues, too.  Bianca remains very good-hearted.

Greenlee goes to Opal for a psychic reading - so positive that she feels she can dismiss her fears of being killed.

Opal hesitates to read because she saw so much death and destruction from the tornado, but Greenlee's pleas win her over.