Friday, November 28, 2008

AMC - Family Oriented Content

Ruth Warrick, "Phoebe" on All My Children,
told me that Agnes Dixon, the creator of AMC
wanted a show that is family - oriented. 
Since sex and violence is a part of our lives,
it is handled in an manner that is not as exploitive
as in other TV shows.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Confession/Confrontation Day:

Bianca wants to tell Kendall that her baby is her husband, Zach's.

Angie wants to give Rebecca some happiness in her final days - so she is moving out.  Jessie anguishes.

Amanda gest very honest with JR

Annie and Greenlee face off with Annie's gun.

Jake & David vie for doing surgery on Aeden.

The dealing with emotional ties often bring soul-searching to the front.  The writers are dealing compassionately with each step.  A student of emotional resolution can see the language of kindness and tough love.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ladies have it.

Crystal declines David's seduction moves.

Greenlee prepares to sign Aeden's surgery plan - he wakes up to say "no."

Amanda walks out on David's plan to destroy J. R.

Rebecca blesses Jesse & Angie's home.  Angie packs up to leave.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Way of Greiving

Grief and the many ways it comes at us - with a loss or a disappointment.

The gay couple, Bianca and Reese want to have a christening for their daughter and are refused by a priest.  Another woman priest is called and a beautiful blessed ceremony was held.  Reese is dismayed because her parents are rejecting her.  She is consoled by several loving friends and told to count on them as family-friendly ones to hold her dear.

Crystal, Babe's mother, can't get over her grief of losing Babe, fights with Tad, who is passively supportive, but Crystal insists on fighting him and she runs to David, who is actually the real father of Babe.  She seems vulnerable to be seduced by David right now.

Pain of losses are gripping most characters today - addressing the pain, it's lengths, the patience required and emotional residue.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

War Scars

Suzy' View of All My Children = Nov. 20

One focus today was upon the Iraq vet who was wounded and now disfigured, Brock. He is resisting seeing his fiance, Taylor, because she hasn't seen his face, sees her in the hospital where she is recovering from a fall, and is interested in her doctor, Jake Martin. Brock tells Colby he wants to leave and let her go on with her own new life.
Colby defends the feelings he has for Taylor, and for Taylor's strong memories. Now, Brock's mother also shows up.
My view is that we are to understand the effects of the war scars and treat them compassionately.
More tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"All My Children" an Educators views

  An Educators Views from "All My Children"
  Today's show:

Allowing TV to be an educational asset - here's a few issues that were addressed today

   Loneliness - Adam wanting his son and grandson to move back with him. 
        Grandson, Little A wants to sleep in his own bed at Adam's
   Kidnapping - Annie, (Mother), Ryan, Greenlee and Aiden confronted by kidnapper, Diane.
   Alcohol - Amanda & Dr. David, identifies the detrimental effect of being drunk.
   Loss - J R missing his wife he lost last month - Babe, and how her positive presence uplifts him.
   Forgiveness - Family accepts the "other woman."
   Iraq - One disabled veteran - Taylor, her medic, Jake, and an unknown wounded soldier.

Many current issues depicted in a positive, quick moving manner. 

Stay connected for more.