Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Passion Draws

Crystal draws into Diabolical David's arms as she misses her husband Tad and daughter Babe who died in the tornado

Greenlee releases her guilt about Annie's mental state and welcomes Ryan into her heart openly.

Amanda did her job with getting JR drunk, collects her pay from Diabolical David, and guiltily runs from David.

Annie's passionate hate for Greenlee is stirred by seeing her again - she goes bersurk and is taken into custody.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Beyond Appearances

Ryan and Greenlee finally look beyond the appearances of what she thinks they as a couple have caused, declare their love for one another, and make love.

Annie seems to wake up - demands to be called Emma, scuffles with her doctor and escapes the mental hospital and gets home.

Amanda reluctantly assists JR in getting drunk - accomplishing the goal diabolical David has set for her.

Crystal confronts diabolical David about the drugs he gave her in milk - then agrees to take more to calm her to sleep - getting her premission is the key.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Patience Pays

Crystal sees thru David's drugging her - flays at all the Christmas decorations and sets the house on fire.  She just kep letting him help her until she saw thru what he was doing.

Zach remains steadfast in talking to Kendall in her coma - until she comes out of her body and goes to their family times together - of course they can see her.  But patience draws Zach to her side.

Greenlee finally agrees to love Ryan - his patience has paid off.

Patience is the Teacher

Zach is reminded that Myrtle often advised him to let go of pushing things and people around and being patient to observe the pattern evolving through the events.  It came to mind clearly again as he watches and waits with Kendall's coma.

David intrudes on Crystal's vulnerability as she feels the pain of Babe's missing presence at this first Christmas without her.  Puts himself into the Chandler's with giving Little A a motorized car for Christmas - his grandson.

Taylor asks Zach's help to get Brock released from jail for using another soldier's identity.  Zach does this - Brock goes to Taylor - again to say goodbye.  Taylor upholds the truth of their connection - and tries patiently to help him see her devotion.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mental Maze

Annie is giving us a graphic picture of the world which the logical, caring mind has left - possibly only momentarily.  She has Aiden posing as her father to help give her a feeling of trust, even tho it is very fake.

David is up to his usual tricks of trying to destroy someone - this time it's Jake who was trying to be compassionate to Taylor and Brock.

Bianca is probing assertively into Reece's past to determine if her lesbianism is really true.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Highs of the Holiday

Caring is the theme running thru our players:  Crystal being cared for by David and others over the loss of Babe. 
Ryan caring for Emma in the mental hospital.
Greenlee caring for Emma as she portrays an angel.
Frankie caring for Randi to allay her fears of intimacy and success.
Adam and JR caring for Little A  - keeping him away from David.

 The holidays give us the chance to be at our best/

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking Sweet Steps to Emotional Resolutions

The emotional obstacles we encounter often are not just black and white.  Much needs to go into the gray mix as emotional issues are uncovered.
   Bianca is determined to help Reece with her family's rejection of her being a lesbian.  She goes to the father and learns of Reece's former wedding plans she canceled by stating her life choice of lesbianism.
   Taylor and Brock are talking on the phone - he won't face her because of his disfigured face.  She many times tries to convince him that she sees the real self of him beneath the appearance.  He's not convinced.
   Natalia and Randi have girl-talk about Randi's fear of intimacy with Frankie. Talking helps Randi to see her real fear and to get hold of it.  Her love for Frankie gives her the goal she needs.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Secretaries can make mistakes - but nurses???

Zach gets a call from the hospital that Kendall has come out of her coma. He races to her only to find that the nurse has made a mistake, it is Rebecca that has rallied.  Zach's rage takes over - orders the nurse fired, slams a cart.  Bianca has followed him.
   Reece is surprised by her father who wants to reconcile the upset he and her mother had when she told them she was lesbian.  He wants her to come home - but not with Bianca - she orders him to go.
   Randi has a gorgeous photo shoot for a Valentine promotion at Fusion, Amanda borrows the dress to go out with J.R.  The plot thickens that Ananda is supposed to get JR drunk to fulfill David's vengeance so that he can get custody of Little A.
   Rebecca is now awake and many are happily surrounding her.
   Aiden has admitted himself into the same psychiatric hospital as Annie - now he's posing as her father to win her trust.  His goal is to find out what Annie did in the kidnapping of Emma.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Unhappy Holidays

The holidays are always so full of expectation of happy moments in our lives.  Grief, however, is spilling over in Pine Valley - letting us identify with the reality shows many of us are living thru.
   Natalia is facing pulling the plug on her mother's life.  She has several with her that understand and support her.
   Chrystal can hardly bear the holiday for missing Babe - David is counting on that to drive her into his arms.  She's stronger than than, tho appreciative of his support.
   Annie has become too far distant from reality to recognize her own daughter.  Emma, the daughter, has to be told that her mother can't be with her.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Rubber Hits the Road

David is getting caught with putting a drug in the  milk that now Bianca, rather than Crystal has drunk.
Brock has run from Taylor again, meets with Jake who persuades him to stay in Pine Valley and give Taylor a chance to pursue the love they once shared.  He shows up to her - with honesty this time.
Angie is planning a warm, friendly Christmas because that is what is in her heart.

Honesty is getting the upper hand - giving strength to those honest in heart - so that is the rubber that is hitting the future road.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moral Integrity

We have several characters following what they feel is the right thing to do:

   Greenlee breaking off with Ryan because they have caused others much pain becaus they were together.
   Crystal feeling much emotional pain over the loss of Babe, but resisting David's seductive overtures.
   Brock lying thru his teeth about caring for Taylor so she could be free of him and his disfigurement.
   Aiden goes to the police to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence about Emma's kidnapping.
   Taylor keeping her memory of being together with Brock as being real inspite of his denials.

   We still have the manipulators planning undermining pitfalls for each other - Erica and Adam.

All in all balance is seen.

Handling Love

Love abounds between all - the children are easily distracted by gifts and attention by the remaining loving parent.  We should all have one who cares about how we feel!
Greenlee leaves Ryan when the situation could evolve romantically - to sit alone in the boathouse.
Jake joins her to assuage his feelings for Taylor.
Brock maintains his emotional distance from Taylor who won't dismiss her feelings for him - then discovers the ring he claimed he didn't order - aha!  We can see a change coming here.
Crystal has the strength to avoid David's seduction and makes her way back into her husband's arms.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Children Lead

Caring parents are listening to the children very carefully.  Some are missing the ones that are not there - Little A misses Babe, Emma misses Annie who is confined to a mental cell.  Other can't handle the common wisdom of the season - Crystal runs from home to David - who now plans to drug her so she will stay longer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Debunking Desires #2

Another couple dealing with suppressed desires is Greenlee and Ryan.  Ryan holds to the desire to be with Greenlee and she decides that as a couple, they have brought on much grief to others - Annie - Kendall = Zach, etc.  Her summation is that if they break up, no one else will be hurt - only she and Ryan. 
   Tracking energy patterns, don't we see that this kind of misguided intentions usually only bring on more grief all around - no one can really be their honest selves.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Looking Beyond Appearances

Taylor is brought to Brock.  She is repulsed at first seeing his disfigued face, then consumed with guilt .  She tries to win his forgiveness as she realized that he is the man she fell in love with regardless of the wy he looks now.  Very tender as she reaches deeper within herself to acknowledge the realness of the soul of her man.

Ryan still t ries to help Annie now that she is in a mental institution.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When Love Turns Lousy

Love, at its best is a give and take - you give because yolu want to and you receivewhat pleases and assists your best behavior.
   Today, Dec. 2, we see Annie declaring a love for Ryan that was bizarre and dangerous at a heart level.   Stabbing Erica seems to be a side issue - just from a mind consumed with her focused goal of getting married to Ryan.
   How much we have to deal with negativity - just a minute few in a crowd affects the whole. 
   The goodness of the whole begins to shine through as caring reveals heartfelt concerns.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tornado Time

We relive the graphic impact of the tornado hitting all the main characters.  Several emergency instructions are taught to us through the event.  The scenes will shoe the search and rescue operations and hospitalization for the injured.     
    The soaps are good  for our general educations many times.